Cardiovascular Health, Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure


Cardiovascular Health

Heart disease, the second highest cause of death in Canada, is highly preventable. Given that cardiovascular disease often takes time to develop, you can take initiatives to reduce the risk of developing heart disease, high blood pressure or cholesterol. Taking steps to maintain your health is much easier than waiting for your symptoms to occur and then start treatments.

One of the early symptoms that usually shows up is high cholesterol, followed by a high blood pressure. This can further lead to a condition known as atherosclerosis (also known as “blocked arteries”). The next step  is often angina (chest pain), which if left untreated can lead to thickening of the heart walls  “congestive heart failure,” and eventually causing heart attack and even death.

Even though  heart disease prevention is the primary goal,  there are many naturopathic modalities that are very effective in the treatment of disease. Naturopathic doctors are trained about the interaction of botanical medicine, and other natural modalities with your conventional prescribed medication.