Naturopathic medicine offers a lot of solutions for prevention and management of diabetes.

Depending on your condition, natural solutions can be offered either in conjunction with your current prescribed medication (i.e. metformin) or alone to help reduce your insulin resistance and regulate your blood sugar levels. An early intervention is necessary to prevent the long term consequences of diabetes.

Some of such consequences include:

  • Heart and kidney damage
  • Blindness

  • Erectile dysfunction

  • Recurrent infections

  • Amputation

Depending on your individual needs, I will use the following approaches to help you prevent or manage your diabetes.

Stress reduction:

Chronic stress increases the production of adrenalin and cortisol hormones, both of which induce cravings for carbohydrates and increase blood sugar levels. For this reason, often the very first step includes a stress reduction plan.

Healthy diet & anti-oxidant supplements such as alpha-lipoic acid, and Vitamins C and E:

In many cases, antioxidants help slow down the tissue damage resulting from diabetes.

Botanical medicines:

Botanical medicine (i.e. cinnamon) in correct dosage helps reduce insulin resistance. Botanical medicines are only prescribed if there is no potential interaction between the desired botanical and your current medication.

Depending on your need, cholesterol reduction, weight management are some of the other components of our treatment plan.

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